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It is just me, or who dreads Halloween – for all the candy going down our kids’ throats? Whilst this fun celebration is a wonderful occasion to come together and have some good time, there are ways to make it healthier. Read nutritionist Liza Rowan’s tips on how.

If you are planning on organising a Halloween party yourself, our super easy-to-make, frozen banana ghosts should definitely be on the table. For a more hearty yet spooky meal, why not prepare our Spooky Spaghetti or salad – and serve it in bell peppers or oranges carved in Jack-o-Lantern style?

Apart from also serving as great lanterns – let’s make one – pumpkins are wonderfully nutritious, containing plenty of fibre and vitamins. If you struggle getting your kids to eat veggies, try our delicious tri-colour pumpkin risotto in which you can ‘smuggle in’ plenty of them. Is worth the stirring. Happy Halloween, and have a healthy autumn!

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