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Dreading all that sugar in Halloween candy? Learn how to deal with it in a healthy way, as suggested by nutritionist Liza Rowan, mother of two boys aged ten and twelve.

To keep your kids healthy when they’re being loaded with all that (unwanted) candy…

1. Give a healthy meal before they head out trick or treating, or to the Halloween Party

2. Explain that a lot of the candy made for Halloween is cheap and full of colours & chemicals

3. Suggest that they pick a few pieces of the ‘better quality’ chocolate (or trade some of theirs for healthier treats you have at home)

4. Agree that if they throw out all the unhealthy candy they get, they can have a toy/computer time instead. And please, don’t donate the cheap nasty candy to a charity; the under-privileged don’t need the junk either. Bin it.

5. After they’ve enjoyed a few pieces, put the rest away and explain that they can have a piece every day, to enjoy on a play-date, or whatever you allow.

We all want to keep that beautiful smile for a long time, don’t we? Read more Halloween tips from Liza for a fun and nutritious party.


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