Liza Rowan, a mother, holistic nutritionist and fitness enthusiast, is passionate about helping families improve the overall health, energy levels and general wellbeing. While doing so, she supports underprivileged children in Cambodia, donating a substantial part of her business revenues to charity.

So, Liza does what she loves to do; moving people closer to optimum health and vitality, while at the same time assisting the children of Sok Sabay, a Cambodian shelter.

Liza holds a Degree in Business and MSc in eCommerce. She spent 15 years applying her energy into start-up manufacturing businesses, where she went on to hold various senior management positions. Liza left the corporate world to focus on her children, and to pursue a change of career. Her passion for natural health and wellness led to studies as a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, and later at the Edison Institute of Nutrition Canada.

Liza is now fulfilling her dreams in encouraging, and assisting, individuals and families to understand the importance of nutrition in achieving, not only life-long health, but optimum energy levels, a positive attitude and enthusiasm for life.

Liza Rowan
Holistic Nutritionist
Health & Vitality Pte Ltd

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Lisa Rowan
Job Title
Holistic nutritionist, fitness enthusiast and a mother
Health & Vitality Pte Ltd