Claudia_Correia_SmallClaudia Correia is a registered Dietitian from Portugal, and a member of both Portuguese and Singapore’s Association of Dietitians. She works at Raffles Hospital in Singapore. Claudia is also an international member of the Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition (formal American Dietetic Association). Her special interests are Mindful eating, Mediterranean Diet, Cancer Prevention and clinical nutrition.

Brought up in a family with three siblings and over 50 cousins, Claudia knows the real meaning of family, and the importance of having meals together. During her childhood, her stay-at-home mom used to prepare all the meals for the whole family, three times a day. Since then – and living away from Portugal for the past ten years – she has also got to understand the importance of meals which are fast, economical, but still nutritious.

With experiences both in Europe and Asia, Claudia is used to working with a diverse range of cuisines catering to most varied individual needs. Claudia does not believe in dieting. When advising individual clients, she focuses on healthy lifestyle changes whilst maintaining the enjoyment of food in the client’s cultural context.

Claudia believes that families forge close bonds by sharing meals and she wants to bring them closer by sharing information about enjoyable, healthy eating.