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Delicious food, great company and perhaps a trip somewhere – isn’t this what summer is about?

Every summer, I travel back to my roots to Europe to enjoy the year’s best time together with my family and friends. Spending a lot of time outdoors, we are a hungry lot – and I’m responsible for the menu planning for our group of ten people or so. I took over this responsibility few years ago, expecting my second daughter to born. I wanted to make sure rest of the family got food on the table, whilst I was busy with her.

On that occasion, I spent more than a day devising a menu plan for a couple of weeks, trying to take into consideration everyone’s needs, preferences – and seasonal ingredients. Not an easy task. This summer, I’ve been leisurely browsing through a lot of new recipes and together with Yourfamily.Kitchen nutritionists and chef’s we’ve updated and adapted a number of these recipes for you and your family.

What’s been on our plates? Fresh zucchini, cabbage, capsicum, tomatoes and of course plenty of garden salad with aromatic herbs. My favourite dish is the Crunchy seafood salad which you can prepare in many combinations. For everyday needs, try our Zucchini potato fritter – kids’ favourite. On the sweeter side, there should not be a celebration without a Strawberry Oat Cake.


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