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Mother’s day is just around the corner and whilst it’s nice to be surprised with a lovely treat, why not give dad and kids a bit of a nudge as to what you might be expecting?

Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist – and a mother of three – Jane Freeman explains that industrially produced cakes and other sweet treats are often full of artificial colourings. Home-made goodies baked with fresh high quality ingredients are therefore the better choice.

Besides, baking and decorating is a lot of fun. Kick back, relax and get your kids into the kitchen – with dad and our sweet Mother’s Day special recipes. Enjoy our delicious Hummingbird Cake – baked with fresh fruit – with the whole family.


Nutritionist Liza Rowan, mother of two boys, shares with us her Energy Balls recipe: ‘Kids can really have a lot of fun with these, experimenting with so many different ingredients and combinations of decorations. These balls make a great sweet treat, and are truly packed with goodness. With a little help, children of all ages can get their hands dirty in the kitchen with this recipe.”

Happy Mother’s Day!



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