Susanna is the founder of Yourfamily.Kitchen and mother of two girls, aged two and five. Hardest thing about feeding the family for her used to be finding recipes that were nutritious and tasty – yet uncomplicated to make.

In her quest for great family recipes, she’d usually…

• Throw herself into a tense web search (what to do with 9,300,000 salmon recipes when all you need is one?)
• Settle on a more-or-less random recipe—without really knowing about its nutritional value
• Meander through the supermarket, hunting for ingredients that could not be found
• Serve dinner and take kids’ whining on the chin when the recipe didn’t deliver
• Throw away a lot of food

She wasn’t happy — and wanted change. So Susanna called upon a few terrific mothers and professionals: nutritionist Liza Rowan, dietitian & chef Jane Freeman and ‘web-ologist’ Marika Arovuo. A few other great professionals, all parents, jumped on board too. And so, Yourfamily.Kitchen was born. A community of mums and dads who care deeply about family health and diet, and who are committed to making a positive change to evade childhood obesity and sustain our planet.

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Susanna Hasenoehrl
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Founder of Yourfamily.Kitchen, Head of Asia-Pacific at NTS Retail and a mother