Marika is a mother of two boys, an e-commerce owner and a digital marketing consultant. She has BSc. in Computer Science and is a certified social media and inbound marketer.

Originally from Finland, Marika has been living in Singapore for 16 years. Half of the time working in the corporate world, and the past eight years running her own businesses. While building and operating her own online shops, she came to realise that her true calling is actually to help fellow entrepreneurs set up their businesses and develop their online presence.

In her view, no matter whether you are an individual, a business or a community, a strong online presence is a necessity, not an option. With her company’s services, Marika lowers the threshold especially for woman entrepreneurs to make use of opportunities only ‘digital’ creates. She does this to empower her clients reach their full digital potential.

When Susanna asked Marika to join the team to run Yourfamily.Kitchen#s service platforms, she was thrilled. Being part of a passionate and committed team with similar values and interests is something that drives her. Furthermore, being a key member in a community of likeminded parents who strive for healthy eating habits and a family-oriented lifestyle is something she feels a part of.

Balanced nutrition is essential for Marika in many ways. She is a sports enthusiast and likes to challenge herself with marathons every once in a while because it ‘builds on character’. As a frequent runner, she requires a good balance of carbohydrates and protein as well as vitamins and minerals. As an entrepreneur, sick days are not really on option. A healthy diet also helps her to cope with stress and long hours.

Marika is convinced the Yourfamily.Kitchen’s team of distinguished professionals and driven women will make a difference in terms of helping other busy moms to free some time for their own, and for their families, well-being. She is already looking forward to the next batch of new healthy and easy recipes to give to her helper to cook at home.

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Marika Arovuo
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E-commerce owner and a digital marketing consultant. BSc. in Computer Science, Certified Social Media and Inbound Marketer.
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