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Our fresh new website is now live with hand-picked, nutritionist approved family recipes anyone can cook in 30 minutes or less. This is the place to find all our nutritious and uncomplicated meal ideas, and we’re adding new ones every week. Search for specific ingredients you like – we also have numerous gluten and dairy free, as well as vegetarian dishes.

Who are we? Yourfamily.Kitchen was formed by a group of parents and professional nutritionists, dietitians and chefs – all mums ourselves. We all care deeply about family health and diet, and are sharing our ideas through Yourfamily.Kitchen as an expression of our passion. See who’s involved on our team page.

We strongly believe children should get involved in cooking. That’s why our recipes are peppered with tips to get kids helping in the kitchen. Look e.g. for ‘Easy tasks for younger children’ in our Salmon and Sweet Potato Wraps recipe, or raise the interest in wild salmon and our environment by showing the intriguing BBC video (under the ‘Brain Teaser’ section of the page).

Enjoy the recipes and get your kids to help with cooking!

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