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New year is the time of resolutions – but can you actually keep them? Swapping conventional pasta, white rice and bread with whole grain produce does not require much of effort, yet it helps boost your family’s health and wellbeing. Why is ‘brown’ or wholegrain better? Nutritionist Liza Rowan explains:

Whole-grains are made up of three main parts: 1) endosperm 2) bran and 3) germ. In refining whole grains, the nutrient-rich bran and germ are stripped away. Thereby many minerals and vitamins are lost – including vitamin B and E, magnesium, zinc, fibre and some essential fatty acids.

The process of converting brown rice into white rice destroys:

67% of vitamin B3
80% of vitamin B1
90% of vitamin B6
50% of manganese
50% of phosphorus
60% of iron and
100% of the dietary fiber and essential fatty acids

Source: World’s Healthiest Foods Organisation

The problem with refined grains is that they are quickly absorbed upon digestion, causing fluctuations in blood sugar levels – over-consumption can lead to Diabetes Type II, obesity and other illnesses. So we always recommend opting for the ‘whole grain’ version of any food – it is complete as presented to us by nature, and overall a healthy option. All Yourfamily.Kitchen recipes are suitable for cooking in wholegrain, including our Chicken’n Egg Rice and Cauliflower Pasta.

We know children may need some time to get used to new tastes and textures. Here’s an idea: try mixing wholegrains with the conventional ones, increasing the portion of the former over time. I used this strategy to introduce a healthier mix of musli to my children, adding more oats to their plates day by day. Result: no fight, as my children did not even notice the gradual change.

Together with all Yourfamily.Kitchen contributors, I wish you and your family a happy, healthy new year. Stick to your resolutions.


Susanna Hasenoehrl
Founder of Yourfamily.Kitchen

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